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Gallery Work

When I'm not creating artwork for clients, I spend time on personal work. I'll either paint in my Detroit studio with all of my supplies around me, or I'll find or create a sort of Artist Residency somewhere in the world to practice my craft. Here is a small gallery of experimental paintings that have been in shows or were commissioned. Some of these pieces live around the world in their new homes and some are still for sale.

These pieces are made to experiment with ideas and style, and can be quite different from my commercial work, but it's all part of my process, existing as an Artist and figuring out how I paint.

Message me to inquire about a commission or sale.

Angels And Demons

Angels and Demons is a series that started at my Camp Dark Moon Residency in the desert outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, I practiced painting sky and clouds and landscape, then brought everything back to my studio to add emotion to through images of Angels, Demons and Faeries. The series turned into a show that exhibited in Saginaw, Michigan at the newly renovated Charles Lee Mansion, and then moved to show at Gallery Cafe in Chicago. As many of the pieces have sold, the collection still grows as I continue work in the series.

Past Commissions:

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