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Penny Kraft + Co.

interior and storefront mural 2018

Artist Statement:

Doing this project, I got to work in a space full of good vibes, compliments and life advice. Speaking with and hearing about Penny, I started gathering a list of imagery and words to represent all the goodness she’s putting forth into the world. Here’s just a small part of that list, because she does a lot: fresh foods, healthy living, body, self, positive women, confident lashes, flawless skin, kindness, pampering, laughs, balance, and spreading beauty inside and out.

I took in all of this and spent a week painting imagery inside and outside the shop to show her off. The focus of the artwork is a beanstalk that grows healthy, beautifully lashed women, leading you into the space where Penny is helping women grow into
their most confident, flourishing selves. The ladies on the walls are modeled after us all, in our tones and sizes. They are comfortable in their skin, surrounded by colorful veggies, growing in an inspiring and happy place.

This project provided me with joy and sunshine and two new pairs of paint-splattered pants. I hope that all who come into PENNY KRAFT + CO. can be soothed and empowered by the artwork put there, as well as all the good energy inside.

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