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4/27 Self Love Self Portrait Class

4/27 Self Love Self Portrait Class


Saturday 4/27 from 11-2 pm. Located at my studio at the Russel Industrial Center in Detroit. An email with directions to my room will follow up your purchase. Class size is limited to 10 people.


In this class, I’ll be walking you through a self-portrait painting using acrylic paints. I call it Self Love Self Portraits because we will be tackling a bit of self-hate and body dysmorphia coming from f@&$#ed up society pressures. I am a certified coach for Eating Disorder Recovery and am using these skills, plus my past experience of body dysmorphia, to teach you to see yourself and to look at yourself with love. We’ll be touching on our fears and tools to combat them, to paint something that makes you feel beautiful and strong.


You’ll go home with a finished 9x12 painting and hopefully some good feelings towards yourself!


(If you are in need of an ED recovery coach, this is a great class to come to and see if you’d like to set up private time with me to work on these issues)

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